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The importance of customer service has turned mystery shopping into a $1.6 billion a year industry that employs over one million shoppers. More than 10 million mystery shops were conducted in 2008.

The Mystery Shopping industry had an estimated value of nearly $700 million in the United States alone in 2008. Mystery shopping revenue by industry is broken down into seven segments, based on percentage of total market size:

Retail: 34.8%,

Restaurant: 31.5%,
(Comprised of Fast Food at 14.2% and Casual/Fine Dining at 17.3%)

Gas Station/Convenience Store: 11.7%

Grocery: 9.8%

Entertainment & Travel: 6.6%

Banking/Financial: 3.7%,

Other: 1.9


Double-digit industry growth between 2007 and 2008 is expected to see growth of up to 15 percent or more in the Retail, Restaurant and Service industries from 2009 to 2010.

Mystery shopping is credited with increasing customer loyalty, enhancing customer service, and improving cross-selling and up-selling. Each of these has helped companies to increase sales or maintain market share in very competitive sales environments.

Ultimately, mystery shopping is an important step to create better trained employees who provide better service to customers. This enhanced service establishes greater bonds of loyalty between the customer and the company, paving the way for improved return sales.

Attention Shoppers!

We currently have over 2500 businesses in the US & Canada eagerly seeking individuals to rate and evaluate their customer service at their local branches.

Secret Shopping is a research method used to observe and evaluate various components of a business. A secret shopper documents the customer experience and uses the business' standards and expectations as the metric for evaluation. It is meant to be an independent and objective means of gathering information from the customer's perspective.

A secret shopper poses as an ordinary customer and undertakes the same type of activity as any regular customer and in the same type of circumstances. The information obtained during a secret shop is then recorded and reported. Afterward, an analysis of the various aspects of the information collected during the secret shop will contribute to a company's market research and assist them in identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

How Does it Work!
All Shoppers are required to have a bank account for their transactions. Shoppers chosen for a particular assignment will receive an e-mail notification that acknowledges that they have indeed been chosen for the assignment. This e-mail will contain additional instructions/information related to the assignment and how to proceed. Shoppers are required to read all assignment e-mails in their entirety as they may contain instructions/information that, if not read and understood, could result in the secret shop being invalid. Shoppers may not receive payment for any invalid reports.

Our secret shoppers are encouraged to call/e-mail if they have any questions that would clarify any information about a particular assignment.

Once a secret shopping assignment has been carried out, shoppers are required to fill in a report related to that specific assignment. Mystery shoppers must access our on-line reporting system via our Existing Shoppers page to access the report. Shoppers are required to log in, fill in the report, and then submit the report. Reports for the associated secret shop must be submitted within the designated time frame. Shoppers will be required to access the on-line reporting system before carrying out the assignment in order to obtain a copy of the report and download shop instructions directly from the report.


Who should become a mystery shopper?

Work as a mystery shopper is perfect for anyone who enjoys working flexible hours, who would like to earn high contract wages, and who would enjoy a variety of assignments. It's fun and easy work!

Do I need any special training or experience?

No previous experience or special training is required. If you like to shop you will do just .

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